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Ann and Jeff Vandermeer have a new anthology out this week called The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories and Jeff is doing some heavy promoting from his blog, Ecstatic Days:

Ecstatic Days » Blog Archive » Release Week for The Weird Anthology: How You Can Help.

I’ve been following the production of this antho for some time now and it’s quite exciting to see it make its debut. I love the editing work that this power couple of weird fiction have done. Their books always strikes me as being a step above the average SF anthology in content, conception, and execution, often balancing their story selections with critical essays and author forums. They put as much thought into the design and layout of their books as they do the selection of stories, giving these artifacts a cultural weight not often found in genre anthologies.

The Weird is a uniquely ambitious project, collecting over 100 stories that span the history of strange fiction. It represents authors from the mainstream and the underground, the past and the present, English originals and foreign translations. In addition to Jeff’s blog, the editors have also been promoting this on their site, The Weird Fiction Review by posting a slew of original essays and stories.

Of course buying this book from your local bookseller is ideal, but if that isn’t an option there is a really nice price on right now. For me, this will be a book to read through slowly and thoughtfully in bite size increments, letting each new story and author marinate in my brain; a long term investment if you will. This is the kind of book that probably won’t get a massive marketing campaign or excessive shelf space at the Barnes and Noble, so it’s up to us as readers to pick up copies and make sure that this book sees the success that such an audacious project deserves.

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